Translation is the written transfer of a text from one language to another. The usual pricing unit for a translation is one source word. I provide a broad spectrum of language solutions to meet today's international communication needs.


My work experience:


I usually translate/interpret:

  • scientific and technical texts

  • labour contracts

  • technical advices in various sectors (i.e. medical liability; astronomy; procurements; military; construction; oil, gaz and energy etc. )

  • business coaching presentations

  • newsletters for investment firms

  • promotional texts

  • Interpretation of meetings and workshops

  • simultaneous and consecutive interpreting of international conferences, seminars, live TV coverage, bilateral meetings, business negotiations etc.

  • proofreading of specialized texts and translations

  • translations of PR, popular science texts on different topics, copyright contracts



My clients include

    • PAS-TRANS s.r.o. 

    • Translation agency GERMA

    • PRO EDUCATIONAL International s.r.o

    • U-Trading s.r.o.


    • DRAGONFLY trading s.r.o.

    • Translation agency PEN, Jerneja Jurca s.p.

    • Fripito corp

    •  EasyCorp s.r.o

    • Dr. Alena Vostárková - TERRA  

    • Chicory s.r.o.

    • PAS-TRANS s.r.o.

    • Realness s.r.o. marketing agency

    • a.s

    • Petr Měrka

    • ISOTEK Czech s.r.o.

    • Übersetzungsbüro Cengolio

    • allround Fremdsprachen GmbH